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                                  Mobile Phone Software Problems

Every mobile phone needs a software just as any PC requires a working platform. Still, it is considerably more difficult for the mobile software to be successful.

There are several reasons why mobile

technology software often proves to be

less profitable than that created for any

other devices.

Most important, it is often impossible to reach an agreement as to make the software work with all mobile phones, or at least with the majority of them. For example,

Nokia has managed to make its software work only on ten out of 43 phone models. Even more, this comes as Nokia provides software just for their phone models and doesn’t have to struggle in achieving compatibility with distinct cellular providers. This is not the case of a company that provides software especially for mobile phones, as it has to take into account all hardware possibilities. It apparently seems like a dead end job.

Putting aside the unreal concept of providing appropriate software that will work on any mobile phone model, there remains the problem of signing a profitable contract with at least some of them. This will most probably turn out to be extremely difficult to achieve.

Still, if it does happen, the software will be incompatible with other phone models. It will be virtually impossible to arouse the interest of other users as long as the software is not popular enough or just does not work on their phones. Furthermore, it may never end up being popular as long as it doesn’t have physical structure in order for everyone to see and wish to try it.

A solution might consist in making a software that is truly adapted to properly serve the interest of mobile phone users. A cellular presents many qualities, such as the fact that it can be used anywhere, at any moment and, thus, respond to almost any need for information. Now, mobile phones have wireless Internet access and bluetooth with download speeds that top those of a PC. Then why not make software to respond to that level of use?

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