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Mobile Phone Keypad Faults Repair

Faults in mobile phones are related to mother boards of mobile phone, batteries and any physical fault will be amount to hardware faults.

I have pointed out as much hardware faults as much i remeber this time but if you have a fault which is not listed below you can tell me by clicking here I will be glad to know that it would be a great help for me too.

Many users have experienced problems with the SIM connecting to the network after using the phone for some time. Most of them had to bring the phone to the Nokia center to get their phone repaired or replaced. The cause seems to be a design problem in the SIM container on the chassis of the phone. The SIM container is mainly built of a thin metal foil, which in time tends to bend, thus disconnecting the SIM from the mobile phone’s SIM contacts.

The problem can apparently be solved just by putting a bit of paper between the metal foil and the SIM, enabling it to make contact. There’s also difficulties in making connection to WLAN networks which use EAP-PEAP and MSchapV2 protocols if you update the phone’s firmware (this is true as for firmware version 3.0633.69) Other users experience problems with the phone connecting to third party GPS devices over Bluetooth.

This seems to be a compatibility flaw in the Nokia Bluetooth stack of Nokia Maps as these devices do connect well when used with Google Maps on the E65.

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