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Mobile Phone Faulty Screen


Broken LCD, LED & Touchscreens are a common occurrence in mobile phones, a small bump or drop is all it can take.

We are equipped to deal with these little emergencies,

and can normally fix brokenLCD screens the same day

your phone arrives to us!!

We have the means to repair most models of faulty mobile phones.

Our workshop has the latest diagnostic equipment, so we can fully

diagnose and repair faulty handsets. The electroclinic team of highly

dedicated and skilled mobile phone repair engineers, have years

experience in mobile phone repairs. We offer many different repairs

on many different handsets :


                                                          Mobile phone LCD faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:


                                                                The LCD is showing no image/text at all.
                                                                The LCD is white.
                                                                The image/text on the LCD is upside down or inverted.
                                                                The image/text on the LCD appears intermittently.

If you have a faulty Nokia phone that you think may be covered by its Nokia warranty then you should visit our Nokia service centre. Our connections in the mobile phone repairs industry enables us to enjoy a host of suppliers so if one is out of stock of a mobile phone repair part then we have a reliable chain of suppliers where we can source the mobile phone repair part needed for you and your phone repair job.

We repair, fix and service all types of mobile phones including Nokia, Motorola, iPhone, Samsung,  Sony-Ericsson and many other brands.

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